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scan receipts into quickbooks


Success Stories

"PaperSavePlus is intuitive, an incredible time-saver and freed up space in our office when we hauled out the filing cabinets."

-Steve Easterday, Church Street Flooring & Design

"We purchased PaperSavePlus and absolutely love the product. It has made our office so much neater and easier to work in.  I would highly recommend this product!"

-Tony D'Alessandro, DalaCasa Landscaping & Designs

Scan Receipts into QuickBooks and Organize Your Business

With PaperSavePlus, you can scan your receipts and attach them to QuickBooks' records so you can easily find them.  No more searching through file folders, envelopes and shoeboxes because it's all easily found in QuickBooks.scan receipts into quickbooks

  • Save time by scanning directly into QuickBooks - don't waste time importing scanned receipts

  • Eliminate time spent searching for paper receipts and documents in filing cabinets

  • Be prepared for an audit

  • Go paperless!  You can also scan invoices, purchase orders, photos and even attach electronic files like pdfs, emails and Excel spreadsheets


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