Add and view documents from outside of QuickBooks® with the Record Browser

With PaperSavePlus, you can access important information without purchasing another license of QuickBooks. The PaperSavePlus Record Browser provides seamless synchronization to key QuickBooks records so that you can securely add or view documents from outside of QuickBooks.

  • Securely add and view documents related to QuickBooks records and transactions from outside of QuickBooks.
  • Create your own document profiling system using PaperSave’s External Document Folder. This is great for documents unrelated to QuickBooks records, including marketing materials, historical financial statements and more.
  • Sort, filter and query records and transactions by any document profile field including name and amount.
  • Add documents to QuickBooks records without entering QuickBooks via a scanner or attaching an electronic file.
  • Access documents added outside QuickBooks within QuickBooks.
  • Email, view or save multiple documents related to Query results with the click of a button.
  • Filter, sort and query records which contain documents instantaneously.
  • Export transaction information to Excel.
  • Filter records to find and sort QuickBooks information including PaperSavePlus user configurable fields.
  • Records currently available on the browser include:
    • Account
    • Bill
    • Bill Payment Check
    • Check
    • Credit Card Charge
    • Credit Card Credit 
    • Customer
    • Deposit
    • Employee
    • Estimate
    • Invoice
    • Item Inventory
    • Item Receipt 
    • Journal Entry
    • Purchase Order
    • Receive Payment 
    • Sales Order
    • Sales Receipt
    • Vendor
    • Vendor Credit
    • External Document Folder

PaperSavePlus Premium Edition

All of the features of our Standard Edition and take your approval process paperless.

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