PaperSavePlus works inside QuickBooks and works the way you do

quickbooks document management
Scan Documents into QuickBooks


Attach Quickbooks document managementElectronic Files to QuickBooks

  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Office to attach emails, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files with one click
  • Attach other file types: pdf, tif, bmp, html, jpg and gif
  • In Windows Explorer, right click on any compatible file and quickly add it to PaperSavePlus

    quickbooks document managementquickbooks document management

Store and Secure Your Documents

  • All documents are stored on your local computer or serverquickbooks document management
  • Store an estimated 60,000 scanned pages in the PaperSave database  with an option to upgrade to more storage
  • Set security levels so you decide which users can view, add or delete documents
  • Attach an unlimited number of documents to any QuickBooks record

Access Documents Inside or quickbooks document managementOutside of QuickBooks

  • Easily view attached documents inside QuickBooks
  • Outside of QuickBooks, view all of your scanned and saved documents with the PaperSave Record Browser

Work With Your Scanned and Saved Documents

  • Add notes to scanned images quickbooks document management
  • Easily email and print your documents for sharing
  • Save documents in another location (like a USB drive or your desktop)

    quickbooks document managementquickbooks document management

Compatible QuickBooks Versions

  • US: Pro & Premier 2006-2015; Enterprise 6.0-12.0
  • Canada: Pro & Premier 2009-2011, Enterprise 9.0-11.0

    quickbooks document management

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