Intuit ProAdvisor Review

PaperSavePlus was rated a 9.5 out of 10 on the Intuit ProAdvisor Review - and we're proud to say that PaperSave is the highest rated of all document management QuickBooks add-ons.

"I loved the product. There is no reason that any business from the smallest to the largest can't get organized."

-Susan Gaswirth, Intuit ProAdvisor

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PaperSavePlus Case Studies


Christensen & Wisnet Heating & Cooling: PaperSavePlus saves HVAC company from piles of files so that techs are no longer required to spend their valuable time filing paperwork.


Consultance Business Solutions: Consultance Business Solutions in Bethesda MD now has no vendor files and is able to make electronic document storage available as a client service


Nexxt Cafe: In less than an hour, Nexxt Cafe implemented PaperSavePlus and gained office and storage space that was previously overloaded with paper.

Event Planners

Ornamento: PaperSavePlus enables San Francisco based event planner Ornamento to service customers more effectively since all paperwork is easy to retrieve and view on screen.


CineMagic Theatres: Implementing PaperSavePlus Premium Edition saved CineMagic $15,000 after retaining one employee and eliminating the need to hire additional help.


Orthodontics in the Highlands:This Denver, Colorado based orthodontics team already had their patient files paperless, now they use PaperSavePlus to take their accounting paperless for a totally paperless office.

PaperSavePlus Customer Testimonials

Over the years, PaperSavePlus has eliminated thousands of filing cabinets, reduced printing costs, and saved countless hours of time. Don't take our word for it. Read what PaperSavePlus customers have to say.

9/10/2009  "We purchased PaperSavePlus back in 2008 and absolutely love the product. It has made our office so much neater and easier to work in. Our company is fully mobile. We mounted laptops in our manager's vehicles and it has made it so much easier for a manager to access documents from a particular job. We are almost 100% paperless. As our crews come in at the end of each day, all their logs are scanned in for future reference. I would highly recommend this product!"

-Tony D'Alessandro, DalaCasa Landscaping & Designs, Moorsville, NC

"The day I installed PaperSave my quality of life improved. PaperSave is intuitive, an incredible time-saver, and freed up space in our office when we hauled out the filing cabinets. My bookkeeper loves me now and did not raise her rates this time! If all companies provided technical support the way PaperSave does we could all take a day off a week."

-Steve, Church Street Flooring and Design, Franklin, TN

"Whether it's saving file space or having copies of invoices literally at your fingertips, Paper Save solves all my document retention needs. And its simplicity and dependability are just icing on the cake. Whenever I need to refer to an invoice for pricing comparison all I have to do is bring up right on the screen in seconds instead of searching through over stuffed files. It's particulary handy when dealing with heavy invoice volume."

-Gary Scharps, Controller, Nexxt Cafe, Miami Beach, FL

"After doing extensive research on various paperless office software solutions we were very discouraged. The cost was extremely high & none of the products we researched integrated with QuickBooka. Then we found PaperSave! Papersave is 50 - 90% less than their competition and offers all the features we required.

Simple, Affordable & Efficient!"

-Jeremy Heidl, Sunbelt Hauling, Inc., Auburn, GA

"We lend money. The ability to instantly look up previous paystubs, bank statements, loan applications etc. at the click of a button is making a huge improvement in the way we operate and our ability to collect money and make decisions.

PaperSavePlus is very easy to use; both in adding documents and viewing them. After having scanned the original documents we can easily view them at any time. Using the PaperSave Management Console we were able to tailor how the scans are organized (making it easier to find the appropriate document in the future).

I would highly recommend PaperSavePlus and their staff to anyone considering this solution."

-Rick Beil, Cash Advantage, Victoria, British Columbia